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NZ Society of Cosmetic Medicine
Are you getting the best treatment for your cosmetic dollars?
The NZSCM is the only official recognised training and recertification body for Cosmetic Medicine in New Zealand.  
You can be assured you are getting the best and safest treatment if it is from an NZSCM qualified doctor, and you can be assured the clinic is operating at “Best Practice” standards, if it has a current accreditation from the NZSCM.

Koru Clinic gained its most recent NZSCM 3 year accreditation, in 2018.
Did you know?

There are a lot of people offering cosmetic medicine treatments in New Zealand who have no qualifications or training?

Did you know?

It takes about nine years of training to become a doctor… then the New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Medicine trains doctors  for another two years to become qualified Cosmetic Doctors.

Be safe

Complications can happen with any treatment.
Not everyone offering you treatments is trained enough to keep you safe.

Did you know?

Anyone can perform dermal filler treatments. They shouldn't, but they can.

Be careful…

Cosmetic Doctors ensure that the products they are using are well tested so you can be sure they are safe and effective.

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