Non-surgical Eyelid Lift - the Jett Plasma treatment
An eyelift to treat sagging and heavy eyelids, deep crows feet and lax skin under the eye.
Jett Plasma non-surgical eyelid lift (blepharoplasty)

The delicate skin around our eyelids is one of the first places to show ageing. As the skin here is very thin it begins to lose its elasticity and firmness, starting to droop and sag.

The Jett Plasma treatment allows us to treat these symptoms without the need for surgery using a scalpel or laser scalpel.

The plasma energy is dissipated as heat to target skin cells in order to tighten the eyelid skin while respecting the surrounding tissue.

An appointment with one of our doctors to discuss first is required.

Jett Plasma

An appointment with one of our doctors to discuss first is required.
Treatment cost is $1600 for two treatments (the recommended treatment course).

The NZSCM is the only official recognised training and recertification body for Cosmetic Medicine in New Zealand.  You can be assured you are getting the best and safest treatment if it is from an NZSCM qualified doctor, and you can be assured the clinic is operating at “Best Practice” standards, if it has a current accreditation from the NZSCM. Koru Clinic gained its most recent NZSCM 3 year accreditation, in 2018.
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