Skin tightening & Skin rejuvenation
We offer several options for skin tightening and rejuvenation of the face and neck areas.
Pellevé skin tightening treatment

The Pellevé radiofrequency system precisely delivers energy to the dermal tissue using advanced radiofrequency technology to induce collagen contraction without damaging the epidermis, via heating. The result is skin tightening and contouring with a noticeable improvement in skin quality and texture.

Pellevé's unique radiofrequency technology emits energy in the form of electromagnetic waves, which create a heated treatment zone. Increased resistance causes heat build-up at the subdermal junction. Heat induces collagen denaturation and collagen contraction. Protein stimulation causes new collagen formation and production in the dermis which also results in epidermal tightening. Existing bands of collagen tighten in subcutaneous fat, creating a superficial but sustained tightening of the epidermis.

Full face

60 min

$500 single or Pre-pay 3 sessions – $1350 total

Face & neck

70 min

$600 single or Pre-pay 3 sessions – $1620 total

Face, neck & decolletage

80 min

$700 single or Pre-pay 3 sessions – $1890 total

Neck only

30 min

$300 single or Pre-pay 3 sessions – $810 total

Jawline only

30 min

$300 single or Pre-pay 3 sessions – $810 total

Eyes only

30 min

$300 single or Pre-pay 3 sessions – $810 total

Dermapen dermal needling

This cutting edge technique provides an effective method to rejuvenate facial skin. It helps minimise pore size, correct pigmentation, and is safe for darker pigmented skins. This treatment can also help minimise the appearance of scars. The Dermapen uses multiple very fine needles on a pen-like applicator. Local anaesthetic cream or gel is used to numb the skin, then the dermapen is passed across the skin. The effects on the skin occur via two methods. Firstly, using the fine needles creates a controlled “micro-injury” to the skin. The healing that occurs after the injury stimulates collagen and fibroblast activity which result in a tighter and younger looking skin. In addition, the needling directly allows delivery of human growth factors or serums to the deep and mid-dermis (deeper layers) of the skin, to further stimulate collagen and fibroblast activity. This results in a tighter and brighter appearance of the skin. There may be a period of several hours after the treatment where the skin can appear a little red, but there is no “down-time” to this treatment.

New collagen and elastin fibres are formed through this wound healing process, and strengthening and tightening the skin over a period of 4 – 6 treatments.  The skin continues to show signs of improvement for a period of up to 2 years even after the final needling treatment is performed.


60 min

$300 single or Pre-pay 6 sessions – $1620 total

The NZSCM is the only official recognised training and recertification body for Cosmetic Medicine in New Zealand.  You can be assured you are getting the best and safest treatment if it is from an NZSCM qualified doctor, and you can be assured the clinic is operating at “Best Practice” standards, if it has a current accreditation from the NZSCM. Koru Clinic gained its most recent NZSCM 3 year accreditation, in 2018.
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